Romeo Santos & Ozuna Testify to the Ultimate Love on Official Remix of ‘El Farsante’

After weeks of cryptically suggesting new music would drop on Jan. 30, Ozuna finally reveals the fruits of his latest project, the official remix to “El Farsante” featuring the king of bachata himself, Romeo Santos. The Dominican heartthrobs are at the center of an impassioned audiovisual that finds three distinct narratives taking place simultaneously, as Ozuna and Romeo testify to the ultimate love before an audience of female judges inside an NYC courtroom.

One teenage love is professed over a school intercom, while another beckons for forgiveness Romeo and Juliet style. The third, and perhaps most heart-tugging scenario, is the one of a newly pregnant woman separated from her partner by the prison system. Ozuna and Romeo can you show better than we can tell you.

Watch the whole thing go down in the video below.